In 1994, Frutas Inma S.L was born as a result of the effort of a family traditionally dedicated to the buying and selling of fruit, the family Torregrosa-Todoli, and, in particular, thanks to Emilio Torregrosa Pascual.

It started as a small company with a small store and own fields.

As years went by, his sons and other family members continued the original projects while keeping up quality and standards, and opening up new markets at both a national and international level.

As a result of the constant wish of opening new doors and renovation, Frutas Inma has experimented a great growth.






In Frutas Inma we seek to ensure the best to the client with our products and our customer service. We want our name to be considered as a seal of guarantee and service.


In Frutas Inma, we are always looking for the company expansion and improvement in our know-how. Our goals are to become a national reference brand and a highly trusted brand for the international trade.


In Frutas Inma we want to show the best of each of us. Our values are the eternal search for excellence, the eternal career of improvement and finding new ways of understanding the world as a way of life.